Salzedo—works for solo harp

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      Seguidilla from Suite of Eight Dances



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  • Reviews

    …all of this is superbly performed. Alice Giles’s virtuosity is completely in control of the material in this recording. The subtlety of her dynamic control and touch is breathtaking and her technical mastery is something that even a nonspecialist harpist such as myself can appreciate. It is difficult not to “gush”: this recording is of a performer at the height of her expressive and technical powers, who understands the instrument and the music… this is simply a superb recording and a must for anyone who wants to have a definitive collection of music that shows the birth of the modern method of playing, and thinking of, the harp, as well as a first-class recording of one of this country’s finest musicians.

    Houston Dunleavy

    Music Forum Vol 17 No.3 Winter 2011

    …Scintillation, for me the most familiar title of Salzedo’s many works for harp, would be an apt description of Alice Giles’s virtuosity. The speed and clarity, the impressive dynamic control particularly noteworthy in the delicate pianissimo passages-and attention to color and atmosphere, all combined in fluid, musically eloquent interpretations justify Luciano Berio’s praise of her as “The most intelligent, sensitive, and technically accomplished harpist I have ever met.” If you love the harp, this one’s for you, but I’m convinced that this CD should have universal appeal, given the quality of Salzedo’s compositions and Giles’s marvelous playing. Recommended.

    Robert Schulslaper

    Fanfare October 2009

    …almost a compendium of harp technique. It’s impossible not to relate to this vibrant music.

    This is a most welcome issue, for we do not know anywhere near enough about Salzedo or his music. Alice Giles is a fine player and this is a very authoritative performance. Don’t miss him.

    Bob Briggs

    Music Web International

    CARLOS Salzedo (1885-1961) did for the harp what Paganini did for the violin, bringing it to the concert hall stage as a stand-alone instrument…Giles’s playing is luminous.

    Steve Moffatt

    Inner West Weekly 3/5/09

    …the Australian-born Giles, a harp player of international distinction, plays her instrument with refinement and effortless brilliance.

    Peter McCallum

    Sydney Morning Herald November 2008
  • Alice's comments

    Alice’s comments

    “Carlos Salzedo (1885-1961) was a musician of all-round creative genius and great innovator. He was a virtuoso harpist and pianist, a renowned composer, teacher and conductor, and was a dynamic force in the contemporary music of his day. For the harp Salzedo has been the equivalent of Paganini for the violin or Liszt for the piano. His approach to the instrument brought it into the twentieth century in its rightful place as a powerful and colourful solo instrument, freeing it from the old concept of monotone sweetness.

    The works recorded here show the many colours and new techniques available on the harp. His notation and written musical indications or poetic descriptions were always extremely specific – down to the minutest gesture or the smallest detail of rhythm and duration of vibration of the strings, exacting in consequence great attention to detail of colour and mood in the performer.” (Alice Giles)

    This recording was made in Germany in 1992 and re-released in Australia in 2008.
    It was recorded for Bavarian Radio.